BPFTP Server

BPFTP Server 2.21

BulletProof FTP Server is an easy to use application for FTP Server

BulletProof FTP Server is an easy to use application for FTP Server.
The program monitors Server Traffic and Activity, enables users to set the Disk Quota, as well as to control the Channel Bandwith. It supports firewall with passive mdeo (PASV), it managers external programs, scripts and group management.

Connection is controlled by IP based accelerator for access control and the results of making as good as possible IP, domain, and user FTP messaging.

Uploads and downloads are supported by file Trading (incorporated at the application).

The program creates logs for server statistics and runtime, that are fully customizable. Event manager allows user to 'plug-in' programs and scripts in response to events.

User interface is designed for being easy to understand and use. The application can manage networks, and system and network resources.

The application enables users to create customized messages for communicating with FTP users. It allows P2P interchanges with file trading option.

When uploading files, the server can automatically perform different actions such as virus check, download files, email right after a file is uploaded, etc.

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